disclaimer.. this site and it's code are work in progress. There are issues with it but I wanted to put it out there while I work on it, rather than never release it perfect. The real reason for this is I want to use the timeline module behind it as a tool for myself to learn the lifecycle of github in the open. It may be of no interest to anyone but this is as much my website as a test for learning best practices for teamwork (hopefully), testability, maintainability, performance of the code and joining the worldwide open development community. Thanks for taking an interest while it all comes together.

Get in touch with me at james@thechipfactory.co.uk..

James Hamilton

Creative + Coder


Over the past 10 years I have provided creative and technical services to a diverse group of clients. My skill set is broad, from graphics and print, to end-to-end web solutions. My design background means I think visually but I enjoy technical challenges and aim to pursue more technical work over pure design. I am more than comfortable with PHP, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, MySQL which I work in almost daily. Outside of work I am taking online computer science and maths courses. As my wife is from Tokyo, I also dedicate a few hours a week to studying Japanese.



Node.js Socket.io Redis REST API
Objective-C / iOS Python AWS/EC2 FB
Wordpress Twitter-bootstrap

Photoshop since 1995
Illustrator 10+ years InDesign
Maya AfterEffects Flash FinalCut Studio

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